Product exchange policy

Here’s how you can exchange a product

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the current pandemic we are not able to accept exchange and returned products from our customers for health reasons. Please be sure you are purchasing the products you intend to. We would like to inform you that our staff is supplied with protective clothing and they are applying all the WHO’s required measures to keep you and themselves safe during this difficult period.

Our workers wear face masks and gloves while packaging your orders so we can guarantee that your shipment will be safe and on time.

We will accept returned products and exchanges from our Legal Beauty sport and waist training product lines as soon as the danger of contamination is over. However face masks are not exchangeable/returnable under no circumstances.

1. fill out and send the form you can find here within 14 calendar days of receiving the product,
2. place a new order in the right size and color, we’ll send it you with the usual conditions (i.e. you ordering and paying for a new product);
3. then send us back to the previous package and we’ll pay its price back to you

The exact details and conditions of the exchange can be read below

Since our products are qualified as underwear (except for the sports gloves), Hungarian laws do not require us to exchange it if the customer has opened it.

In the case of figure shaping panties, we are unable to take back or replace opened underwear boxes in accordance with legal regulations.

However, our inside company policy states that if you let us know that you need a product changed due to problems with its size by filling out the form here within 14 calendar days after receiving the package, and return the package in five days, you have a chance to claim the price of your order. Note, however, that we’ll only return the price of the product, without the shipping costs

You’ll need to return the package to the following address: Hungary, 6800, Hódmezővásárhely, Erzsébeti út 8.

Furthermore, we’re informing you that the costs of return is on the buyer in all cases; we retain the rights to refuse accepting packages sent as C.O.D. package and we may also reject your right to withdraw.

We will examine the returned products in each case and decide on your claim for exchange


  • all the products need to be returned, including the exclusive gift box, the measuring tape, the silk bag and the plastic tag as well;
  • if you ordered a package, you need to return all products in the package;
  • if, after having checked the product, we ascertain that the product is faulty, we will refuse your claim for a refund and the product will be returned to you as a C.O.D. package, costing you 25 USD/EUR/GBP;
  • if you refuse to take the package sent back to you, you renounce the product and accept that you won’t be compensated for it afterwards;

If you have a valid claim, checking the product and proving the reimbursement will take a maximum of 8-10 business days.

The reimbursement will be provided by wire transfer; our customer service support will ask for the necessary data in e-mail after processing your statement of withdrawal. Please note, that a new, successfully delivered order is the condition of the exchange. If you do not place a new order, your claim to exchange will be denied and we will return the product with a courier in accordance with the above detailed conditions.

Please note that if we notice any kind of misuse of the product, we can, at any time, without any justification, withdraw from the exchange and deny the reimbursement of the product’s price.