High-waisted shapewear panty - Panty - Black - Short - XS/S

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Shapewear panty with an extra high waist, it instantly makes you appear slimmer.

Color: Black

Cut: Short

Size: XS/S

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  • Push Up pants instantly lift the buttocks, thanks to their seamless material; they're comfortable to wear, even for ladies with bigger buttocks.
  • It's extra strong double upper part immediately and spectacularly flattens the abdomen, covers the folds (loops) and provides a strong hold on the waist and hips.
  • Due to its well-ventilated material, it can be worn all day.
  • Can be worn after pregnancy, even comfortable under normal underwear.
  • Longer trouser legs protect your thighs from abrasion in the summer.
  • Thick, seamless material provides a comfortable yet strong hold for the wearer.
  • The special double fabric is easy to put on and take off, instantly slimming down spectacularly.
  • 4 steel stiffeners have been added to the top to prevent them from slipping or creasing. This makes it comfortable to wear, even when worn all day.
  • You can easily fit your extra high waist to your bra.
  • The material also provides a strong hold in the lower abdomen, so it can be worn immediately after a cesarean section, even under a corset.
  • The bottom of the material has a rounding effect on the buttocks due to its unique design. (True for the normal cut only.)

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