New York - Zipper Waist Trainer Vest - Toffee cream - XXS

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Steel hook and eye closure corset with front zip vest ensuring extra strong waist support. Cotton lining, latex exterior. Adjustable in three sizes.

Color: Toffee cream

New York - Jet black - XXS New York - Toffee cream - XXS

Size: XXS

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New York - Toffee cream is a shapewear with a lining that is made of hypoallergenic cotton for the most sensitive skin. On the outside, you get an adjustable shoulder strap, 100% latex waist trainer vest with steel zip that keeps your torso tight and firm.

The straps are really elegant and are easily adjustable. These shoulder straps make the corset stay in place, and help to hide armpit fat for those suffering from excess weight. Armpit fat is much more visible with strapless corsets.

New York - Nude can be tightened or loosened between 3 different sizes thanks to its adjustable hook and eye closure. Thanks to the vest with zip, this waist trainer vest is comfortable to wear hidden under your outfit.

Our New York corset doesn't crinkle and ensures extra strong lower back support due to thirteen flexible spiral steel bonings. It reduces visible inches in the waistline even for women who are overweight. Further to these benefits, it significantly improves your posture.

Our New York - Toffee cream waist trainer corset vest comes with a free Legal Beauty measuring tape. Delivered to you in an exclusive gift box.

We highly recommend to wear either high waist briefs or a lightweight cotton tank top under a waist trainer after a C-section or a freshly executed abdominal surgery. If in doubt, please consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional. Do not use any waist trainer or corset during pregnancy!

MaterialNatural latex, Cotton
OtherFlexible spiral steel boning, Lingerie
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